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Richardson’s Grove, Salmon Collapse, Tsunami Drill (Updated with guests) – March 20, 2008

It’s called the Richardson’s Grove Improvement Project. But whether or not it constitutes an improvement or destruction depends on who you talk to.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) bills it as a way to allow standard-sized (bigger) trucks through the Redwood Curtain to “help local businesses stay competitive.” There’s a wealth of data at the Caltrans site to fill you in on the details, including hot big truck porn.

So, since it’s good for the economy, this project will likely sail through unopposed… right.

Actually – and this may comes as a shock to you – no. The Richardson’s Grove Improvement Project is seen as anything but that to opponents. These include environmentalists and those with businesses dependent on passenger cars.

No need to replicate all the back-and-forth here. Our March 20 show will feature the project’s designers, advocates and critics.

Guest for the main segment are:

Julie East, Public Information Officer, Caltrans

Vince Thomas, director of Logistics and Distribution, Sun Valley Group (Studio)

Scott Greacen, executive director, The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)

Our first segment will be on the collapse of salmon stocks along the West Coast. Our guest is Eric Chavez, Natural Resources Management Specialist, NOAA Fisheries

Our third segment will be on next week’s tsunami drill. Our guest is Troy Nicolini, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NOAA


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