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Mattole PTEIR, Endeavor Docs Online, C/R Pool Closure and… (Updated) – March 13, 2008

The Mattole Restoration Council is promoting what it says is an innovative solution to complicated land management in the Mattole Watershed.

A Program Timberland Environmental Impact Report (PTEIR) is described as a way to ensure environmental protection while easing “light-touch logging.”

Mattole Watershed

The Mattole PTEIR will be our main segment on the March 13 Humboldt Review.

For our first segment, we’ll offer an update on what we’ve learned this week about the Arcata Endeavor’s proposed new facility on St. Louis Road. Apparently the demand for information from the City has become so intense that it will do something that it has never done before – put staff reports online on the City’s website.

Our guest for this segment will be City Councilmember Alex Stillman.

For our final segment, we’ll take a deep breath and descend into the deep end of the College of the Redwoods swimming pool mystery. It’s leaking rather majorly, and C/R spokesguy Paul DeMark will tell all. Hopefully without any waterboarding.

Special Announcement

Kevin here. Friday I gave notice as host of HR, and KHUM is accepting inquiries by possible new hosts. For information, call Mike Dronkers at (707) 786-5104. If you want some idea of what’s involved in actually doing the work, feel free to contact me at news@arcataeye.com.


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