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Grizzly Creek State Park, Aiy-Yu-Kwee Mobile Home Park, Tuition Relief (With Final Update) – February 21, 2008

The Peaceable Hamlet of Blue Lake has been anything but lately. Come to think of it, the little town where sea air meets sunshine seems always to be in the throes of one imbroglio or another.

This time around, it’s the eviction notices being served top residents of the tiny Aiy-yu-kwee Mobile Home Park by the Blue Lake Rancheria.

As extensively reported, the 30 or so tenants have been given until Aug. 1, 2008 to move from their homes. Some were initially incentives offered and assistance, others weren’t. Since the land is now owned by the Rancheria, it is sovereign Indian territory and not subject to rights of redress available under the California Mobilehome Residency law.

Residents have raised the issue with the Blue Lake City Council and Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, who can offer little but good wishes and promises of help in locating new homes.

Rancheria officials have stated that the park’s septic system is failing and that the park’s continued operation is untenable, and called on the community to assist the tenants with relocation. It’s not clear what future uses the Rancheria has in mind for the park.

We’ll go into all this on the Feb. 21 Humboldt Review.

Our main segment guests are:

Corey Holderman, resident and spokesperson for the Blue Lake Mobile Park Association

Sid Madjarac, resident

Marlene Smith, Blue Lake City Councilmember

Jana Ganion, spokesperson, Blue Lake Rancheria

For our first segment, we’ll talk with Second District Supervisor Roger Rodoni about his efforts to rescue Grizzly Creek State Park from closure.

Our final segment will discuss Tuition Relief Now.

The guest for that segment is Matthew Herrera, student/local organizer, Humboldt State University.


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Super Tuesday, CSU/HSU Budget, GIS (Updated) – January 31, 2008

Next Tuesday, Feb. 5, a grateful nation looks to California to help sort out the Presidential Primary season’s remaining chaff and confusion. And an expectant California says… huh? Wha…?

You probably – but not certainly – know how you’re going to vote in the Prez Primary. But as for all those props, what do they mean? And what about the various local measures?

On this week’s Humboldt Review, we’re going to talk with some heavy-duty politicos and get the inside track on these ballot propositions, plus the official stances of the major parties with background.

Here’s the HOPE Coalition’s compilation of ballot recommendations.



For Segment 1 , we’ll talk with HSU President Rollin Richmond about the newly proposed $312.9 cut to the California State University system’s budget and how it will affect HSU.

After our Primary Ballot discussion, Segment 3 will cover a newly implemented online Geographic Information System and its unveiling tomorrow morning.

CSU/HSU budget cuts

Rollin Richmond, president, Humboldt State University

Feb. 5 Ballot – Super Tuesday

Kathleen Lee, lecturer, Government and Politics Department, HSU

Japhet Weeks, reporter, North Coast Journal

Milton Boyd, chair, Humboldt County Democratic National Committee

Patricia Welch, chair, Humboldt County Republican Party

Humboldt County Geographic Information System

Chinmaya Lewis, GIS Specialist, Humboldt County Planning Department


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Climate Change, Now With Fluoride Again, and Cannabis Too! (Again Updated) – January 24, 2008

The good news is, those disappearing glaciers have got to be going somewhere.
The bad news is, they’ve turned into water, and we live on the coast.

Next week, a national “Focus the Nation” teach-in will attempt to rally citizen participation in solutions to this looming problem. On the Jan. 24, 2008, we’ll have as guests several participants in the local FTN event.

For our first segment, the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District has received and released its consultant’s study of costs associated with fluoridation.

Final update: We will have the opportunity to discuss the fluoridation study after all, with Tom Marking, general manager of the McKinleyville Community Services District.

Also, the California Supreme Court has decided that Prop 215 patients can be fired for using medical marijuana at work. We’ll have a representative of Americans for Safe Access on to discuss that.

Our Focus The Nation guests, and the names of their presentations at FTN, are:

The Abundant Energy Future: Global Perspectives and Local Solutions – Michael Winkler, Schatz Energy Research Center

Footprints and Offsets – Hype? No, HEIF! – Dick Hansis, HSU Natural Resources

Obstacles to Change – Dr. Beth Wilson, HSU Economics

Oceans and Climate Change – Jeff Abell, HSU Oceanography

Why Eat Local? And How to Do It! – Susan Ornelas, local food activist
Below is the FTN press release.


ARCATA – Positive and creative solutions to climate change will be discussed at a national Teach-In on Wednesday, Jan. 30 at Humboldt State University.

This non-partisan and interdisciplinary event, called Focus the Nation, is free and open to everyone. Faculty, students, community members, and political leaders will participate in a dialog intended to change our outlook on climate change, moving us from an attitude of defeatism to one of opportunity.

Humboldt State is joining with more than 1100 universities, colleges, secondary schools and places of worship across the U.S. to devote attention to a topic that many feel is emerging as the largest challenge of our time.

“Focus the Nation offers all of us the rare opportunity to change the course of human history from one of consumption and destruction to one of caring, conservation and community,” said Gregg Gold, chair of the North Group Sierra Club and psychology professor at HSU.

Panel discussions, speakers and interactive workshops will address issues relating to climate change, and how to transform our energy and economic future.

Session topics will include: The Science of Global Warming, Psychological Impacts – Obstacles to Change, Climate and the Global South, Motivating Action, among many others. Hands-on workshops will also be included in the day’s events. Dell’Arte and Humboldt Circus performers will bring life to the ideas.

“Today’s college students are truly the greatest generation,” said Dr. Eban Goodstein, professor of economics at Lewis & Clark University and project director for the national Focus The Nation effort. “No other generation has ever had to face this kind of civilizational challenge. And we as educators would be failing if we did not prepare them with the tools to meet this challenge.”

Check-in for the Focus the Nation event opens at 8:30 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 30, in the Karshner Lounge on the HSU campus, and the program begins at 9 a.m., continuing until 9 p.m. A keynote address accompanied by music and performance is at noon on the HSU Quad (Kate Buchanan Room in case of rain.)

The day’s events will also include 2% Solution, a National Video Webcast on Earth Day Network, produced by the National Wildlife Federation, shown at 5 p.m. in the Kate Buchanan Room on the HSU campus.

“We have the opportunity right now to apply our human creativity and technology to change our energy future, and this is what we have to do to stabilize our climate,” said Jennifer Berman, coordinator of Redwood Alliance’s Climate Action Project and Focus the Nation team member.

Berman added that an important goal of Focus the Nation is to notify elected officials that the American people care about this issue and to pressure them to pass aggressive climate legislation. All participants in Focus the Nation will be given an opportunity to vote on national priorities concerning our climate future. The votes will be presented to political representatives and 2008 presidential candidates.

“By participating in the democratic process each one of us has the power to strengthen our democracy,” Berman said.

Focus the Nation will continue on Thursday, Jan. 31, with a Town Hall Meeting at the Arcata City Council Chamber broadcast live on Access Humboldt Channel 12.

The Town Hall Meeting offers an opportunity for the public to engage our elected officials in discussions about local, state, and national climate solutions. Political representatives will share the stage with students representing all political parties. Each of these panel members will state their climate policy priorities and listen to questions and comments from the audience.

“Focus The Nation is an historic adventure in participatory democracy as we both educate ourselves and engage each other in order to create a more secure, just and peaceful future,” Berman said.

For more information and a detailed schedule of Focus The Nation events, go to humboldt.edu/~ftn1 or call (707) 845-3902.

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Cosco Busan Oil Spill, Servicemembers and Their Families, HSU’s German Program

Our first guest will be Sean McAllister, a response team member with the International Bird Rescue Center. He’s helping out with the Cosco Busan oil spill in and around San Francisco Bay.

Our main segment involves military service members and their families. We’ll to discuss conditions for those serving overseas for extended periods as well as those left behind – spouses who must make do without a key member of their family. Our guests are Army National Guard Sgt. Carter Skillham of Eureka and Paulette Gilliam of the Eureka chapter of Socks for Soldiers, whose son Garette is on active duty in Baghdad.

Finally, Humboldt State University’s German program is on the brink of cancellation for the same reason as usual – and one not exclusive to HSU – budgetary problems. We’ll talk with someone protesting the program’s planned cancellation.

Supporters of HSU’s German program protest on the HSU Quad

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