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Gundersen, Curbside, Samoa, Storrs – February 28, 2008

This has been a difficult show to get off the ground. Booking guests is part art, part science and not necessarily easy.

Especially when an issue is more or less settled, as is the case with the Samoa Master Plan, which the Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday. However, we have cobbled together some sort of presentation on it.

But first, there’s the latest (highly sensational) charges against Blue lake Police Chief Dave Gundersen. We haven’t yet asked him, but we’re gambling that his attorney, Russ Clanton, will come on again for an update.

Next, it’s the wonder and majesty of curbside recycling. Eureka is not meeting its waste reduction mandates, and this could be a way to address it.

Finally, we’ll talk with Cindy Storrs, new chaplain with the  Arcata Police Department.


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Gundersen, Graffiti, Indian Island (Updated) – February 14, 2008

First, we’ll talk to Arcata attorney Russell Clanton, who represents accused Blue Lake Police Chief Dave Gundersen.

Then we’ll discuss in considerable depth the phenomenon of graffiti.

Finally, we’ll talk about Saturday’s 17th Annual Indian Island Candlelight Vigil.

Guests are:

Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen:

Russell J. Clanton, attorney, Russell J Clanton & Associates, Representing Gundersen


Randy Mendosa, chief, Arcata Police Department

Steve Watson, sergeant, Eureka Police Department, member of the Humboldt County Gang Task Force

Simona Keat, coordinator, Gang Risk Intervention Program (G.R.I.P.)

Indian Island 17th Annual Candlelight Vigil:

Linda Woodin, office manager, Wiyot Tribe

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