Grizzly Creek State Park, Aiy-Yu-Kwee Mobile Home Park, Tuition Relief (With Final Update) – February 21, 2008

The Peaceable Hamlet of Blue Lake has been anything but lately. Come to think of it, the little town where sea air meets sunshine seems always to be in the throes of one imbroglio or another.

This time around, it’s the eviction notices being served top residents of the tiny Aiy-yu-kwee Mobile Home Park by the Blue Lake Rancheria.

As extensively reported, the 30 or so tenants have been given until Aug. 1, 2008 to move from their homes. Some were initially incentives offered and assistance, others weren’t. Since the land is now owned by the Rancheria, it is sovereign Indian territory and not subject to rights of redress available under the California Mobilehome Residency law.

Residents have raised the issue with the Blue Lake City Council and Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, who can offer little but good wishes and promises of help in locating new homes.

Rancheria officials have stated that the park’s septic system is failing and that the park’s continued operation is untenable, and called on the community to assist the tenants with relocation. It’s not clear what future uses the Rancheria has in mind for the park.

We’ll go into all this on the Feb. 21 Humboldt Review.

Our main segment guests are:

Corey Holderman, resident and spokesperson for the Blue Lake Mobile Park Association

Sid Madjarac, resident

Marlene Smith, Blue Lake City Councilmember

Jana Ganion, spokesperson, Blue Lake Rancheria

For our first segment, we’ll talk with Second District Supervisor Roger Rodoni about his efforts to rescue Grizzly Creek State Park from closure.

Our final segment will discuss Tuition Relief Now.

The guest for that segment is Matthew Herrera, student/local organizer, Humboldt State University.


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