Super Tuesday, CSU/HSU Budget, GIS (Updated) – January 31, 2008

Next Tuesday, Feb. 5, a grateful nation looks to California to help sort out the Presidential Primary season’s remaining chaff and confusion. And an expectant California says… huh? Wha…?

You probably – but not certainly – know how you’re going to vote in the Prez Primary. But as for all those props, what do they mean? And what about the various local measures?

On this week’s Humboldt Review, we’re going to talk with some heavy-duty politicos and get the inside track on these ballot propositions, plus the official stances of the major parties with background.

Here’s the HOPE Coalition’s compilation of ballot recommendations.



For Segment 1 , we’ll talk with HSU President Rollin Richmond about the newly proposed $312.9 cut to the California State University system’s budget and how it will affect HSU.

After our Primary Ballot discussion, Segment 3 will cover a newly implemented online Geographic Information System and its unveiling tomorrow morning.

CSU/HSU budget cuts

Rollin Richmond, president, Humboldt State University

Feb. 5 Ballot – Super Tuesday

Kathleen Lee, lecturer, Government and Politics Department, HSU

Japhet Weeks, reporter, North Coast Journal

Milton Boyd, chair, Humboldt County Democratic National Committee

Patricia Welch, chair, Humboldt County Republican Party

Humboldt County Geographic Information System

Chinmaya Lewis, GIS Specialist, Humboldt County Planning Department



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2 responses to “Super Tuesday, CSU/HSU Budget, GIS (Updated) – January 31, 2008

  1. Monica

    Hey Kevin-
    You heard Edwards has dropped out of the Democratic race? Some folks may be stuck re-thinking their votes for Tuesday…


  2. Yep, those Dem votes have gotta go somewhere.

    Where d’ya think they’ll land?

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