Disaster Preparedness, Marine Terminal, Eureka Skate Park – December 27, 2007


Why does it seem like Humboldt County is hit with a 50-year-storm every five or 10 years? Mother Nature flicks her little finger, and the North Coast is reminded again of its distance from “civilization” at large, and of its continuing need for disaster preparedness.

Peril can come from all sides – pounding waves battered Arcata’s tattered levees and overtopped U.S. Highway 101 on New Year’s 2005/2006. We haven’t had a tsunami lately, but everyone in the know will tell you that it’s only a matter of time. Orick and Samoa are now “tsunami ready,” and next time there’s a warning, the usual line of headlights will once again trace the route of SR255 to Arcata and higher ground.

This summer, fires ravaged some California communities, and that could happen here too. From the skies come the merciless storms and from below, earthquakes.


All in all, there’s a long list of natural hazards to which Humboldt is vulnerable. On the Dec. 27 Humboldt Review, we’ll talk with authorities responsible for disaster prep about our state of readiness and what individuals and households can do to minimize impacts of the next disaster.

Guests for the main segment are:

Daniel Larkin, emergency services coordinator, Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services

Troy Nicolini, warning coordination meteorologist, NOAA

Barbara Caldwell, executive director, Humboldt County Chapter, American Red Cross

Our first segment discusses the extended deadline for the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District’s Redwood Marine Terminal Feasibility Study. Our guest is Dennis Hunter, Division 4 commissioner.

Our final segment is on the nascent Cooper Gulch Skate Park, which faces June 1 fundraising deadline to meet its $450,000 cost. Our guest is Jeff Leonard, councilmember, Ward 3, City of Eureka.

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