Ah… ‘Cata – Live from Wildberries Marketplace! (Updated Thursday) – December 13, 2007


This week’s show will be broadcast live from Wildberries Marketplace in Arcata. Since KHUM’s Larry Trask is doing a remote there from 2 to 6 p.m. as part of the station’s holiday Food and Fund Drive, we’ll just pick it up at 6 p.m.

Our topic is Arcata, and our main guest will be Mayor Mark Wheetley, just named as mayor today, Tuesday, Dec. 11, at City Hall. We’ll spend 20 minutes or so on a state-of-the-City update with Mark.


Vice Mayor Alex Stillman, Councilmember Michael Machi, Mayor Mark Wheetley, Councilmembers Paul Pitino and Harmony Groves. Photo by Terrence McNally.

One topic will be the new recommendations about marijuana grow houses that the Community Development department will present to the City Council next week at the Dec. 19 meeting. (It looks like they’re being advised against formation of a Task Force…)

Then we’ll have a succession of Arcata guests on; various people representing organizations that have new projects and initiatives. Each guest will have two or three minutes to tell what they’re doing and we’ll discuss it.

Update: Looks like we won’t be able to get hold of the staff report that details the pending grow house recommendations until Friday. However, we will still discuss the matter in general terms. Note that Mayor Wheetley has been the council’s main advocate for a new policy and more aggressive enforcement against grow houses.

Confirmed guests so far include:

Spring Garrett from the HSU Natural History Museum

Linda Erickson of MRCH’s new Women’s Health Center

Sean Armstrong of the Committee on Democracy and Corporations

Aaron Antrim of Green Wheels

Taffy Stockton of Arcata Mainstreet

Rondall Snodgrass, who will talk about Saturday’s “direct action” rail-trail cleanup project between Arcata and Eureka


Arcata Mayor Mark Wheetley, Mad River Community Hospital Women’s Health Center Supervisor Linda Erickson and your host.

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