Curless, Quilez, Higgins, Ollivier, Morris… and more – October 25, 2007

Post-WWII Humboldt Bay promotional pamphlet

A remarkable folding brochure extolling Humboldt Bay as an ideal location for “your plant site” to manufacture goods for shipment to the “far east.” Date unknown; circa 1946-1950. Courtesy City of Arcata.


Our main segment guests on the Thursday, October 25 Humboldt Review were Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Division Two candidates Roy Curless, Carlos Quilez and Steven Morris and Division Five Candidates Patrick Higgins and Charles Ollivier.

Pat Higgins, Roy Curless, Carlos Quilez at KHUM

Our first segment was with Arcata Public Works Director Doby Class, who told us what we can do to prepare for winter and help reduce strain on infrastructure and save money.

Our final segment featured former Humboldt County prosecutor Jeff Schwartz, who discussed his new Humboldt Center for Constitutional Rights. The new organization is a pool of attorneys available to represent individuals arrested during, for example, acts of civil disobedience.


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5 responses to “Curless, Quilez, Higgins, Ollivier, Morris… and more – October 25, 2007

  1. Great show. Good job on the questions.

    Steven Morris failed to take the opportunity you gave him to sound like a reasonable person re his mud slinging at Carlos Quilez.

    Ollivier has truly gone off the deep end. Export the water?! He confused your question about the water bag issue with LNG.

    You seen one bulk liquid you seen them all.

  2. I forgot to ask Higguns and Quilez about their meeting attendance which wasn’t fair since I asked Morris that.

    Also, it turns out that we ran a PSA for the Humboldt Baykeeper event at the Arcata Community Center during the show, which we probably shouldn’t have.

    Morris didn’t like being asked for specifics about the allegations about another candidate’s “character” and “hidden agendas” that he made during the KEET debate. Or being asked to further clarify his fairly startling clarification.

    I asked Ollivier about “liquid bulk” shipments because it seemed like a euphemism for LNG. Apparently he meant spring water.

  3. Thanks Kevin. The show was helpful.
    Steven Morris’ comments were troubling, but the show was informative and the candidates represented themselves fairly well.

  4. I’ve asked Pat Higgins and Carols Quilez two questions I asked Steven Morris during the show, regarding meeting attendance and continued participation.

    Carlos Quilez was first to respond:

    HR: How many Bay District meetings have you attended this year?

    Quilez: I was attending the Bay District meetings pretty regularly before I decided to run. After I started my run, I decided to stop attending the meetings. The information of what goes on in those meetings is available to me by various sources so I was still in the loop but… I figured that I couldn’t really do much at the meetings. If I actively participated, it would look like I was campaigning. I certainly couldn’t ask any pointed questions while I was also a candidate without seeming partisan. I’m obviously still very conversant on all current District issues and meetings which shows that I’m on it even though not in meetings in person.

    HR: If you aren’t elected, will you continue to participate in the District’s meetings/issues?

    Quilez: There hasn’t been much change in the direction, activity level, scope and focus (or lack there of) over the last 16 years. If Im not elected I seriously doubt that there will be any changes pertaining to what I have been supporting. We will go back to business-as-usual regardless of campaign rhetoric where my issues of, infrastructure repair, improvement of recreational facilities, and implementation of real conservation and restoration plan will take hold. So yup, I’ll continue to participate because the issues that I’ve raised during my campaign are the issues that existed before I started campaigning, and they will continue to exist unresolved if I don’t win. And whether I win or not, the issues I’ve raised are very important and need to be addressed regardless of whether I continue to champion them as a Commissioner or as a private citizen.

  5. Pat Higgins phoned me with his responses yesterday. He said that he has been to one Harbor District board meeting this year, and one Strategic Plan meeting.

    The board meeting was “like a mausoleum,” he said. The district’s leadership is “out of touch with its constituents,” he said, and has “fallen off the radar.” Higgins seemed to infer that meeting attendance was pointless.

    He reacted similarly to the planning meetings, saying there was “no one there,” and that the plan itself is “a laundry list with no prioritization,” which stifles participation. “It was useless,” he said.

    He said that the Bay District “has got to give people a reason to attend.”

    Higgins said that he would continue to participate in Bay District business now that he has become attuned to the issues.

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