Downward Bound – September 13, 2007

Since 1973, Humboldt State University’s Veterans Upward Bound program has helped American military veterans return to civilian life with counseling, classes and other services.Last week, the program’s director was notified – by a FedExed message – that the program had been cancelled. This set in motion alarm and outrage, and efforts to restore funding for the program, which had aided more than 2,000 veterans over the years.On the Sept. 13 Humboldt Review, we’ll talk with the Veterans Upward Bound program’s director about its prospects for survival. We’ll also talk with local veterans about the state of veterans services and programs – governmental and otherwise – on the North Coast.For our opening segment, we’ll have Eureka City Councilmember Chris Kerrigan, who is traveling to Iowa for three months to assist with the campaign of presidential candidate John Edwards.Our final segment features Arcata activist Fhyre Phoenix, about his new, self-published book, Free Stuff. As usual, your participation is welcome. (707) 786-5486.

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