All Politics Is Local – September 6, 2007

For the first segment, we’ll talk with peace activist Brian Willson 20 years after a train ran over him outside Concord Naval Weapons Station. We’ll ask him whether his civil disobedience made a difference, and what advice he may have for today’s antiwar activists.

With change in the air, the national political scene is roiling. Even as they sort out which of their own candidates to place front and center, the national political parties have definite ideas about how you should vote next year.

For our main segment, we’ll have representatives of Humboldt County’s three main political parties:
Milton Boyd – Chair, Humboldt County Democratic National Committee
Jim Pell – Member of the Humboldt County Republican Party
Dana Silvernale – Chair, Humboldt County Green Party County Council

Topics will include the national political picture and how it might affect things on the state and local levels, any new initiatives or issues the parties are pushing, and your calls and questions.

We’ll finish out the political discussion with a guest from the League of Women Voters of Humboldt County, explaining that group’s role in the electoral process.

Lastly, there’s a four-year-old Arcata child who needs a costly kidney transplant. The community has rallied to support Jessiah Class, and this Saturday, Sept. 8 from 5 to 8 p.m., a benefit will be held at the Bayside Grange to aise funds.

We’ll talk to Jessiah’s mother, Kim Class, about the famly’s ordeal and how you can help.

Call with questions, (707) 786-5486, or e-mail them to

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