Election Security – August 30, 2007 (Updated)

Updated with guest lineup.

A University of California review of direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines used in California more than confirmed the worst suspicions of skeptics. Commissioned by California Secretary of State, the studies found that virtually all of the machines were rife with physical, procedural and electronic vulnerabilities which could be easily exploited to alter the vote. This despite the assurances of manufacturers that the machines are secure and accurate.

As a result, the machines were decertified for use, with a few recertified under new conditions for limited use in next February’s primary election. Meanwhile, voter confidence in election security has plummeted.

On the Aug. 30 Humboldt Review, we’ll speak with authorities and an election security activist to find out how this regrettable situation came to be, and what can be done about it.We’ll also discuss a new international exchange program at Humboldt State University, and finish up with eco-friendly beer.

HSU/Chinese Students

Dr. Ray Wang – Program Director of Chinese Studies and the Interim Dean, University Library, Humboldt State University

Election Integrity

Debra Bowen – California Secretary of State

Carolyn Crnich – County Clerk/Recorder/Registrar of Voters, Humboldt County

Dave Berman – Founding member of the Voter Confidence Committee

Jimmy Smith – Humboldt County Supervisor District 1

Biomass Powered Brewery

Ted Vivatson – Owner, Eel River Brewing Co.

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